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  • Track Name

    Wid Awoke

  • Album

    Teng Drem: Teh Compelt Conefction

  • Artist

    Kety Perr


I think I made the fucking creepiest thing ever

lyrics tho:

im wid awoke

not makin any mony

yeah it isnt evn funy

people wonโ€™t c my moov

im wid awoke

only one tiket seld and its 2 me

im wid awoke

iโ€™ll jus hold nekci hosteege

blakmeyl al teh flop quens

make money easily

im wid awoke

my plan is genius yeah

im so cool

the oters r jus jellus

im more revelant than medoner

they will all bow down

to quen kety

iโ€™ll sell millions of of of copies

i fel frum clud 7

dont mater cuz i dont cur about hevn

it was al so sudn

yeah i fel frum clud 7

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